Wipeable Facial Interface

for Oculus Quest

  • Wipeable Interface
  • Memory Foam Material
  • Easy Replacement
  • Hygienic Material
  • Sleek Black Colour
  • Compatible with Oculus Quest
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Hygienic Facial Interface for Oculus Quest

Hygienic Material

A more hygienic option than the original foam facial interface, the Wipeable Facial Interface is made from a close cellular silicone sponge. Less absorbent, it can be wiped down again and again using anti-bacterial wipes - eliminating sweat or dirt build-up from active VR sessions.

Super Soft

With a memory foam type quality, the Wipeable Facial interface has a velvety finish and is super soft on your skin. It aims to reduce fatigue and pressure around the eyes and cheekbones during extended gameplay.

Easy Replacement

The Wipeable Facial Interface is precision tooled to fit your Oculus Quest just like the original. To replace simply remove the original facial interface, then carefully re-insert the new version making sure to line up the plastic guides before applying any pressure.

Colour Matched

The Wipeable Facial Interface is colour matched to your Oculus Quest, with sleek black sponge padding and black plastic trim - keeping everything looking on point.