VR Experience Bay – Three-Sixty

for Oculus Go

  • 360 Degree Layout (6 Bays)
  • Free Standing Metal Frame
  • Customisable¬†Artwork Boards
  • Drop and Charge Headset Connector
  • Easy-Up Design & Assembly
  • Cable Management



Demonstration Stand for Ocuulus Go

Three-Sixty Layout

For maximum impact in stand-alone environments, the 360-degree layout gives maximum flexibility with up to 6 Oculus Go headsets and users. Ideal for installations such as Exhibitions, Retail or Training facilities where maximising the number of users is key to exposure to the demo software.

Easy-up Design

With simplicity and speed in mind, the Experience Bay can be assembled within an estimated 20-minute window. Every detail has been meticulously considered to ensure that the lightweight frame can be setup quickly without compromising on quality, providing a multi-use solution for your business.

Drop and Charge

With our uniquely designed adaptor, the Oculus Go headset is always kept fully charged throughout the day. With a magnetic self-locating design, the low profile pogo pin layout means a quick, simple, and damage-free connection to the power source at all times.

Customised Artwork

We understand that businesses want a custom design to showcase their solution, or provide instructional material for the user. Each bay has a clear artwork area that can be fully cutsomised and printed with any design, making each setup a unique promotional opportunity.


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