Silicone Head Strap

  • Wipeable
  • Easy Replacement
  • Hygienic Material
  • Colour Coordinated with Oculus Go Headset
  • Adjustable Sizing
  • Sold as a Pack of 5
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Hygienic Head Strap for Oculus Go

Adjustable Sizing

Unlike the original, this Head Strap is made from a mix of durable silicone and high-grade nylon Velcro. However, it still works in the same way - providing adjustable sizing and comfort for those extended VR sessions.


Hand picked by our team, the Silicone Head Strap has been color-coordinated with a mid-grey finish to compliment the Oculus Go headset. So after multiple washes time and time again, no bleaching or decolorising will occur - keeping your kit looking like it was meant to.

Two Part Piece

The Silicone Head Strap is made in two parts, one section attaches to the sides of the headset and the other part to the top of the headset, both then converge and fix in the center using velcro - securing the unit to the intended user.

Hygienic Material

Made from durable silicone and high-grade nylon Velcro, the Silicone Head Strap is capable of withstanding multiple washes at high temperatures and can withstand exposure to chemical bleaching without losing its structural integrity. An essential product for using the Oculus Go in a commercial environment.