Replacement Head Strap

  • Adjustable Sizing
  • Colour Matched to Oculus Go Headset
  • Sold as a Pack of 5
  • Made from Durable Elastic & Velcro
  • Like for Like Replacement Strap
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Replacement Head Strap for Oculus Go

Adjustable Sizing

Just like the original, the Repalcement Head Strap is made from soft elastic and velcro providing adjustable sizing and superior comfort for those extended VR sessions.

Colour Matched

The Replacement Head Strap - a like-for-like to the orginal, colour-matched to your Oculus Go, keeping everything looking on point.

Two Part Piece

The Replacement Head Strap is made in two parts, one section attaches to the sides of the headset and the other part to the top of the headset, both then converge and fix in the center using velcro - securing the unit to the intended user.

Washable Material

Made from durable elastic and high-grade nylon Velcro, the Replacement Head Strap is machine washable so you can wash it again and again, ideal for removing any bacterial build-up after those intense VR sessions - simply rinse and repeat.