Silicone Facial Interface

  • Silicone Interface
  • Hygienic Material
  • Easy Replacement
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Dark Grey Colour
  • Compatible with Oculus Go
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Anti-Bacterial face mask for Oculus Go

Smooth Silicone

This alternative facial interface is designed for multi-user scenarios and provides a more hygienic solution. Made from super soft silicone with sweat resistant properties, it's easy to wipe down and wash whilst still retaining its shape.

Comfortable Facial Fit

Thanks to the varied silicone thickness - the skirt is extremely thin where it meets the cheekbone but still robust enough to hold the shape. This facial interface provides a comfortable and superior seal for minimising light bleed and prolonging use.

Colour Coordinated

Hand-picked by our team, we've colour coordinated the Silicone Facial Interface to compliment the Oculus Go, with a super smooth dark grey finish that ties the two products together for a sleek overall design.

Easy Replacement

The Silicone Facial Interface is precision tooled to fit your Oculus Go just like the original. To replace simply remove the lens rings and old facial interface foam, then carefully re-insert the new silicone version making sure that the sleep sensor is exposed and lens rings are back in place - it's that simple.