Accessories for Business

Bespoke design-centered approach

At every level, Oculus hardware can support your business by delivering the most immersive experiences available. Powerful learning, marketing, and merchandising tools can come to life to inspire clients and employees like never before. At DAZED our key focus is to provide these businesses with the right accessories to improve day-to-day running operations on Oculus hardware, whether it’s behind the scenes or in the field.

Our bespoke design-centered approach means every project that we undertake is a tailor-made solution that is specific to your business. When you choose DAZED for your VR accessories, you benefit from market-leading expertise and manufacturing know-how.



From concept to deployment our experienced team of designers and engineers work alongside worldwide manufacturing partners to build specialist B2B products. Using our leading Supply Chain Services we can build to order and deliver using our global distribution channels.



With DAZED an official Oculus for Business accessory manufacturer, all our products are QC-tested and certified, a guarantee we only work to the highest standards with any Oculus device we build for – every detail considered.



Working closely with software developers and Oculus for Business to deliver bespoke bundles, we gain valuable insight to assist the design of equipment for various industry verticals and environments. Whether it’s charging, storage or display, we can provide a solution that’s right for your business.


If you’re a business with a unique requirement please complete the enquiry form with details of what you are looking for and we will get back in touch to discuss further.


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