Damage Control

Protection for your Oculus Quest gear. 
With the all-new Carry Case.

Dock and Charge

All-new Oculus Quest Charge Dock.
Tetherless charging for headset and controllers.

Exclusively Oculus

At DAZED we are dedicated to making high-quality accessories exclusively for Oculus. From our premium designs, including cases and charging docks to our enterprise solutions for helping businesses deliver VR. Explore our product range to find out more information.

Accessories for Business

DAZED is an official partner to Oculus for Business – with global distribution channels and accessories catering to various industry verticals. By leveraging insight from leading software and hardware professionals and working with manufacturing partners we can assist with specialist B2B product builds, customisation, bundle and kitting for your bespoke propositions.

*minimum order quantity applies.

The best accessories for the best VR hardware

Take it to the Next Level

Product Range

With Oculus you get the best-in-class hardware available – we have then designed and built a core range of essential accessories and parts for consumers and businesses to take their VR experiences to the next level. Explore the latest DAZED products on offer below.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy